"Hillcrest Church has been greatly blessed several times over the past few years by Bill Ligon and The Blessing.  The lost practice of giving and receiving the Blessing from patriarchs of old is brought alive for the modern Christian!  Bill not only teaches The Blessing, but he imparts it to all who will receive!"

Dr. Morris Sheats, Senior Pastor, Heritage Church, Dallas, TX


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 "I am delighted to recommend to you Pastor Bill Ligon's teaching on The Blessing. This revelation of truth was presented at Cornerstone Church with powerful impact. Don't miss the impact of The Blessing."

 Pastor John Hagee, Cornerstone Church, San Antonio, TX

"One of the highlights of the Knoxville Conference was a series of messages by Pastor Bill Ligon on the power of spoken blessings. It opened up amazing new dimensions of spiritual power, vision, and affirmation."

Institute of Basic Life Principles

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After reading the book, Imparting the Blessing, I taught 2 groups about the power of the blessing. Then I invited 12 - 14 year old teens for a blessing service for girls and the other for boys. Their parents and grandparents wrote a blessing to be read to the youth. They brought their favorite appetizer or dessert for refreshments. Our prayer leaders laid hands on them and blessed the youth and their families. It was powerful. I would like to do it again next year. Thank you. Ruth Esther Vawter Chapel Hill United Methodist Church, Indianapolis, IN. God bless you!


The Father's Blessing has been very valuable for our extended family. After we were taught the concept by Pastor Ligon, we held a blessing service for our three children even though they already had children of their own. 
Since then we have held blessing services for 12 of our 13 grandchildren in cooperation with their parents when they came of age. This year on July 3rd we had a wonderful event of blessing for April Rice and Sarah Meyers as part of our family reunion at the Oregon Coast. We have one remaining grandchild who will be 12 soon and the plan is to have his event next summer when we are together with the family. 
We have made a point of having all of the family together, aunts, uncles and cousins, and we believe there is added blessing for each one to hear and be reminded of their own blessing service as part of the continuing tradition in our family. 
Our sincere thanks to Pastor Bill Ligon for his obedience to the Lord, the research and study that led to the establishment of The Father's Blessing ministry and his promotion of the blessing of the fathers (parents) upon their children as has been done in Jewish homes for generations.
 Dr. George and Janet Meyers
Missionaries with Go To Nations


 Several years ago I had the opportunity to listen to Brother Bill's teaching on the blessings. His message touched me so deeply that even tho I was a woman, I was the first born of my family and wanted my father to pray over me the blessing God had in store for me. My Dad placed his hands gently on my shoulders and around my neck and started blessing me. I felt the power of God passing into me as Daddy was blessing me. Later I shared this experience with Bro. Bill, telling him of the heat emanating from Daddy's hands and how I had never really heard my dad pray. That day not only had my dad gave me my blessings but had shown me how much he loved me and how much more God's love was for me. It didn't matter that I was a woman, nor that I was 1st born. He has blessings for each of his children, we just have to ask for them. Thank you, Bill, for allowing God to speak thru you, teaching His children of His love and all He has in store for us.


Hello Brother Bill!  When I saw this opportunity to post a testimony, I knew I MUST write something.  Who knew, when in 1984, as a young mother and wife who moved to Brunswick, GA, the teachings of you, Bill and your precious Dorothy Jean, would have such a huge impact...not only in my personal life, but in the lives of my (now adult) children.  You created an environment where I could rub shoulders with people trained to speak blessings and to believe the best for my life.  You know it was a crazy time in my life, and I was overcome with disappointment and frustration that I could not have survived had it not been for the Word of God which was planted in my heart.  So, now it's been 22 years since I moved away.  God has blessed me in too many ways to count.  I have children married to Godly spouses, and they are both in full time ministry.  I have lots of grandchildren (YEA!!)  Thank you, Bill and Dorothy Jean, because you never gave up on me, and because you continually poured truth into my life, even when I couldn't hear it or process it very well.  God's timing is perfect.  Your spoken blessings over me and my family have taken root and grown into fruit I never dreamed possible.  I am so grateful to God that you were my pastor!  I love you Bill..and you, too, Dorothy Jean!  
Jeanne Kolenda, Myrtle Beach, SC 


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