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The Bee and The Bear - 8th Commandment Story

What is Bobby Bear going to do when he finds Benny's fresh baked honey pie? Well, God is looking and Bobby learns all about the 8th Commandment in this wonderful picture story. This hardback book with colorful classic imagery and rhyming verse will please any reader, young know.

The One-O-Nine - 9th Commandment Story

It's the One-O-Nine coming down the line! Toot Tooooooot!!!! Bobby Bear learns the truth about telling the truth. Bobby gets himself in trouble and thinks the best thing to do is put the blame on someone else. Hop aboard the One-O-Nine and see how Bobby learns the 9th Commandment.

Skippy and Miss June - 7th Commandment Story

What does the 7th Commandment really mean? Benny Bee uses the love story of Skippy and Miss June to help Bobby Bear see what God's purpose is in this command - to promote love and faithfulness.

Beaver Sunday - 4th Commandment Story

Benny Bee invites some friends home after church for a great picnic. On the way home they notice things are different and it doesn't look good! Beavers are chewing through the neighborhood and Benny's home is right in their path! Oh No! Join Benny Bee and his friends as they save his home and respectfully remind their new neighbors the importance of the 4th Commandment by sharing God's word...and a tasty treat!